We’re driven, and often inspired, by the search for perfect partnerships between beer and food.

Wild Beer Co. founders Brett and Andrew both come from food working backgrounds, their lust for flavour has influenced all the beers they have brewed but has also given them a passion for beer and food matching.

We want to encourage great beer on to more dinner tables and show how you can use the variety of flavours in different beers to enhance both the drinking and the dining experience. We love going out and talking about our beers, but enjoy it a whole lot more if we get to go and eat some amazing food, lovingly prepared by a talented chef. 

Some of the standout pairings we’ve come across include:

  • Ninkasi with Westcombe Cheddar cheese
  • Bliss and Flinty Red’s Lamb Tagine
  • Shnoodlepip and a berry tart from the 3 Horseshoes
  • Cool as a Cucumber with Westcombe Ricotta
  • Madness IPA and a Mexican salad
  • Modus Operandi with Roast Duck. 

Sitting down with a chef and thinking about some new pairings also gets the creative juices flowing for new beer ideas, as it gets us thinking about different flavour combinations.