At the Wild Beer Co we are as passionate about food as we are about beer. Talk of food and flavour starts and finishes every day at the brewery. We want the food at Jessop House to reflect our passion and our love of creative cooking and great flavours.  Our head chef, Steve Smith, epitomizes this attitude; he is young, creative and excited about quality, ingredients and flavour combinations.

We are based at Westcombe Dairy in Somerset, where they make one of the finest Cheddars on the planet. The milk comes from the farm at the bottom of the hill, and the ageing rooms, where the cheese matures for a year or more, is across the yard.  We naturally use their cheeses on our menu; the Cheddar, Caerphilly, Cheese Curds and Ricotta all come from the building next door to the brewery.

We believe in sourcing fantastic ingredients from the very best growers and producers locally, as well as amazing specialist ingredients and products from around the world. Anything that tastes incredible is right up our street.

The menu is developed from which we love to eat and have tried to create every dish in the same way we create our beers at the brewery. We are particularly excited about the burger we have created, after trying a number of seasonings, extra ingredients, and different butchers, we finally arrived at a unanimous decision. I’m not going to give away our secret technique here, but if you bribe your server with their favourite beer, I’m sure they might let on.




SUNDAY 11-7 pm (Limited menu 4-7pm)

(We try to keep our menu's up to date, however the chefs use fresh seasonal ingredients and as such they create new dishes regularly)